In the Time of the Butterflies

Major Character Analysis

Patria Mirabal
  • Patria is the oldest of the Mirabel sisters. She is very religious and spends most of her youth waiting to become a nun. This changes when she meets her Pedrito and they marry. Her faith wavers when she looses her third child as she takes it as a punishment from God. While her sisters begin getting involved in the revolution, she focuses on raising her family. She later regains her faith and starts a Christian revolutionary group alone and merges it later with her sisters'.  She does not get arrested along with her sisters but in the end she is killed along side them.

Dede Mirabal
  • Dede is the second oldest Mirable sister. She is the only Mirable sister who survives at the end of the novel. She decides not to participate in the revolutionary movement of overthrowing Trujillo. She's married to Jamito and they have three sons, Enrique, Rafael, and David. Unfortunately, Dede and her husband's marriage results in divorce. After her sisters' death, she is the only one who's left to tell the story in the novel at the end.

Minerva Mirabal
  • Minerva is the third Mirabal sister. She is the most fervently revolutionary and has heard Trujillo's dark secrets from her best friend, Sinitia Perozo, who first told of the evil of Trujillo. She once was requested to be Trujillo's girlfriend but rejected to be so. She and her revolutionary husband, Monolo Tavarez, have two children: Minou and Manolito.

Maria Theresa Mirabal
  •    Also known as Mate throughout the book, she is the youngest of the four sisters. When she begins to live with her sister, Minerva, and learns of the revolution, she decides to join in the struggle. That is where she meets and falls in love with Leandro who is also working for the revolution. She is later taken away to prison for her actions and released after many months. As the youngest of the sisters, she is still the baby of the family. Because of this, there are many times when she is seen crying throughout the story, even though she later grows older and is an adult with children.

Relationship Tree