In the Time of the Butterflies


The epilogue, told by Dede, is about what happened to the three Mirabal sisters who died on their way back home from their prison visit. They were ambushed by men who took them away and beat and choked them to death. Then they put them back into the jeep and pushed the jeep off a cliff. The trial for the murderers lasted months. Trujillo is assassinated by six men and Leandro, Manolo, and Pedrito are released from prison. However, Manolo tries to organize another rebellion but gets shot in the end. Dede is constantly visited and asked questions by many people who heard the story of her sisters until she decides to accept no more. She also meets Lio at t reception in honor of her sisters and look back at the past.

Key Questions
  1. Why does Dede decide not to deliver Manolo’s seashell to Minou at first? What can you know about Dede’s characteristic? Would it be the same reason why she did not deliver Lio’s letter to Minerva?
  2. Why do you think Julia Alvarez title this book as In the Time of the Butterflies? What theme the butterflies represent?